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Jiggerty is a well-established ceilidh/barn dance band based in the Bristol/Bath area and also covering South Glos, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.  The band come complete with dance caller and PA and specialise in wedding ceilidhs as well as providing dancing for other special occasions such as a birthday party or anniversary. We pick and mix dances with appropriate levels of difficulty from the related traditions of Scottish Ceilidh & Irish Ceili (both pronounced 'kay-lee'), Welsh Tympath, English Barn Dance and American Hoedown (please note, this doesn't include line dancing).

Our lively music and experienced caller guarantees an enjoyable evening - see our testimonials if you don't want to just take our word for it!  We have experience in providing dancing for a wide range of audiences (both novice & experienced adult dancers, children and celebrities) and in various different dance spaces, having played previously for weddings and parties in village halls, mansions, marquees and boats, in addition to a few barns!

The dancing is fully explained with clear instructions by the caller - firstly a 'walk-through' without the music then calling continues whilst the band plays, until the dancers have no further need for guidance (usually after 3 or 4 times through).  We intersperse dances with tune sets, so dancers can enjoy a drink and catch their breath!  The caller chooses dances to suit the audience and occasion, as well as accommodating any special requests.  Typically we do a selection of relatively simple, fun dances, which works well for people who are unfamiliar with ceilidh/barn dancing (often the case at weddings and parties) but is still enjoyable for those with a bit more experience.   For a wedding ceilidh we usually do a couple-based first dance and end with a circle dance featuring the bridal couple.  We can provide a whole evening of traditional Scottish ceilidh (e.g. for a Burns night booking), include more ceili dances (for a wedding or other celebration with Irish family members), or have more of a cowboy/barn dance theme, as you desire.  Our FAQs page gives further information on dances.